Classroom Supply Wish Lists

Lancaster PTA is making it easier for parents to directly support their children's classrooms and school. Each teacher has chosen items and supplies that would make a difference in their classrooms and created an Amazon Wish List.


Families can easily purchase the exact items the teachers want, and Amazon ships and keeps track of it all to avoid duplicate purchases. Amazon Wish Lists have been created for each classroom teacher. Please consider as well, picking items from our Support Staff, Speech Therapists, Special Ed teachers, and Para Educators. Simply choose and click on the teacher you wish to support and you will be directed to their Amazon Wish List.

In addition, a small percentage of wish list purchases funds the PTA through the Amazon Associates program, at no cost to the purchaser or the school. Bookmark this link to to make your Amazon purchases and support the PTA!

Please note: If your student's teacher link is not working, this means we have not received a list. Please check back in the future as we are continually receiving Teacher Wish Lists.


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Third Grade
Kristi Benefiel
Jennifer Bentley-Smith
Angel Brown
Casandra Conner
Valarie Cyprian
Wendy Dronet
Melissa Gause
Cristina Hubbell
Jennifer McShan
Faith Osgood
Angela Pequeno
Lindsay Sanders
Donna Shoemake
Caitlyn Williams
Ashley Wolf
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Fourth Grade
Marci Arroyo
Jennifer Bergles
Kimberely Brouillette
Sandra Chelena
Charlotte Couvillion
Frances Fontenot
Dana Holliday
Phyllis Ibos
Tiffany Jourdan
Jennifer Kornfuhrer
Traci Melancon
Tammy Meyer
Courtney Searcey
Melissa Soileau
Holly Thomas
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Fifth Grade
Carrie Anguzza
Dana Doyle
Joelle Federico
Madison Hahn
Jonnie Hebert
Joanna Hidalgo
Aimee Herrera
Bridget McGuire
Celeste Muller
Kellie O'Brien
Rochelle Pedersen
Dionne Schoen
Jade Simms
Ashley Yarbro
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Sixth Grade
Amy Barnes
Jennifer Cole
Taylor Homiak
Megan Horn
Courtney Lachney
Katie Manson
Gretchen Michel
Paul Newfield
Michelle Oestriecher
Stephanie Underwood
Tammy Williams
Susan Wright
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Support Staff
Sarah Danenhower
Laquana Burks
Caitlynn Saucier
Melanie Seghers
Alyssa Leake
Amanda Popovich
Music and Choir
Justin Dardenne
Music and Band
Dominick Messina
Brian Albus
Miranda Buras
Beth Cleveland
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Special Education
Sarabeth Accardo
Brittney Byers
Christina DeRosier
Erika Lea Ann Dufrene
Gabrielle Ferger
Meghan Garcia
Alanna Hewitt
Melanie Hickman
Madeline Kelly
Sarah Meyer
Chrissy Miller
Nicole Roberts
Christen Smith
Jodi Stuker
Rebecca Walker
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Speech Therapists
Kim Dauzat
Nikki Duke
Ashley Slater
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Jeni Bilac
Michele Capes
Amanda Dixon
Angela Dragg
Shelley Edgerton
Stacy Ladut
Christina Pennington
Stacey Pyle
Cathy Walker
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